by Cosmic Mirror

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Lyrical Philosophy, Shamanic Hip Hop & Uplifiting Rhymes over beautiful nature inspired music.


released November 11, 2016

Great Gratitude to Momentology Music, Mr. Malone, Noah Broe, Drumspyder and The Bright Light Social Hour.




Cosmic Mirror Lake Worth, Florida

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Track Name: Medicinal Machinery (Momentology Track)
To the winds of the south, Great Sachamama,
Anaconda, let us shed our past like your skin
Sliding so softly upon Pachamama,
Allow us to let that beauty back in

To the winds of the west Mama Puma,
Teach us to live, impeccably… in peace
Protect our space and show us the way
Beyond death so we, can clearly see

To the winds of the north O’ Hummingbird
Ancestors, we’ve come to learn
So please come warm your hands by our fires
And whisper to the wind in your cosmic choir

To the winds of the east, Great Eagle Condor
Join us from the place of the rising sun
So we can achieve anything we dream
Knowing our place as great spirits Godson

Mother Earth, Father Sun,
Grandmother Moon, Starry Ones
O’ Mystery, we pray to you,
To thank you in gratitude

There are prophecies, for our preservation
That those will rise, from every nation
With Wisdom, Strength, Inspiration and Love
For all of our relations

For the Stone People, Plant People
Those outdoors, on all fours
The two legged and the little bugs
The finned, the furred and the winged onezzzz

So let’s pray we, will one day see
The fulfillment of the Eagle Condor prophecy

Mixin indigenous wisdom with technology
And bringin in a new, eon of peace

Where we believe, because we feel and see
These energies, so we will know they’re real

Where heart, intuitive and mystical
Mixes with our brains, logical and rational

Passionately actual, mixing yang and yin
Bringing balance between feminine and masculine

And it’s like, a cultural cure to end war
Heal the sick, and feed the poor

So banish the word struggle, this is sacred celebration
When our heads and hearts are in the right relation
And the eagle, and the condor can soar
For we are the ones we’ve been waiting for

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,
Which is why we’ve come to live our lives on the floor
Of the Earth under Heaven, We’ve been there before
But our being’s bound by bodies, gravity won’t let us soar

Until we go within, slipping in that hidden door
To the subtle sensations, energetic resinations
Of our practices, of our Yoga Asanas
Of our Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Inner smile meditations

Breath brings elation while inside lies liberation
So we learn from each other, synergistic integration
We’re here to heal the healers and inspire the nation
Medicinal Machinery to clean our inner scenery

Chlorophyl to fill the fauna, purified by breath until
The flora in our souls uncurl, sweet scents into the world
So in sacred celebration, we choose to soar
for we are the ones we’ve been waiting for
Track Name: Arctouritus Compass (Momentology Track)
Sittin in the moonlight, reflected in the forest
Listening to the crickets chirp, singing in a chorus
when an owl swoops down, feathered crown his attire, eyes gazing softly at our fire

While our flames flicker bright, spirits dance in delight
at the sacred ceremony our hearts sparked this night
frogs croaking in the distance, ditching toxins in an instant
deep work but it barely has us flinching

When the vines wind down, scanning spirals through my crown
Grandma to Pachamama lettin her love pour down
to release internal tensions, cyto-frowns flip around
kickin out old patterns like the shoes of the clowns inside
and suddenly everything’s so beautiful, perception is ecstatic from my eyes to my cuticles
that blissfully appreciate the wonders all around, through touch, taste, scent, feeling, visuals and sound.

Cuz everything in nature has a form and a spirit, the earth has a rhythm, when you listen you can hear it
as we slide into the cycles, synch with seasons like a drum, when we live in natural rhythms we’re in tune with the one.
Everything in nature has a form and a spirit, the earth has a rhythm, when you listen you can hear it
as we slide into the cycles, synch with seasons like a drum, when we live in natural rhythms we’re in tune with the one.

Take a step, feel my feet, touch the colonies of life that lie beneath
the soft mosses, microbiology, as we perceive the roots that wind deep beneath the trees
by the mycelial lines, entwined so carefully. And I believe these mycelia know me
and touch my essence through my feet, and send those messages to those that listen

And there’s a gnome, tapped into the line, testing whether or not, my intent is aligned
Faeries flitz by, elves laugh, birds cry. Every branch is a city, every stone is alive
Lichen living in love, algae feeding fungi, dragonflies fly by with kaleidascope eyes
A spiders on her line, by a gecko in disguise, stalking up on an ant, at work at the plant
The plants are turning elements to chemical constituents, and I’m listening in to hear the secrets of the alchemists
cuz everything alive, is dancing to the rhythm, and the book of nature is, an infinite edition

And these associations in the web of life, are precariously balanced on the edge of a knife
our mother once feathered, is scarred with tar, so lets rise up as Avatars
to ride the dragons of our breath, burn like phoenix’s past death
as associates of life, set the stage for the next… phase
and I’m engaged in this mystical age, so these days. I’ve got the spirit of a sage
The body of a puma, the wisdom of a snake, and as my kundalini rises I’m alive and awake

The sun comes out, vibrant rainbow light pours down as heaven’s blessings
prostrate themselves around, bringing a time of peace
a cosmic birth, and we get to be the shaman bridging heaven and earth.

Cuz everything in nature has a form and a spirit, the earth has a rhythm, when you listen you can hear it
as we slide into the cycles, synch with seasons like a drum
When we live in natural rhythm, we’re in tune with the one
Everything in nature has a form and a spirit, the earth has a rhythm, when you listen you can hear it…
Track Name: Starseeds (Momentology Track)
Our lives can be defined, by the way we make our choices
The thoughts we give attention, manifest through our voices
Resonant sounds, vibrating out through our mouths
Become the way that we show up on the ground

The way that we act, becomes the way that we are
Shaping the destiny, we each have written in the stars
So multiply your chart by your heart and we can see
A recipe for destiny where we each have our part

My will is free, when I say me, I mean
I’m a simple particle, divided by infinity, the whole is written on each piece
We are Starseeds, the same make up that makes up me
Is written in the heavens, my being is divinity

It’s alchemy, follow me, from macro to micro, this is conscious evolution in a cycle
Hydrogen starts simple, itty bitty gravitational fields
Connecting with each other till their pull becomes real

Space dust floating freely
Connecting with each other seems appealing
Gravitation growing greatly now congealing
And expanding into nebula,
Enormous star spitting gaseous masses made by miniscule molecules
Ain’t it cool

Then the process begins, fuzing in forming helium
Light and heat’s released, Energy, now it’s called a sun
Revolving through time, elements deep inside
Evolving in complexity, one at a time

True story dude, this ain’t no simple little fable
My history begins with the periodic table
Hydrogen then helium, lithium, beryllium
Boron, carbon in all life, nitrogen for us to fly
Oxygen for us to breathe, fluorine for our dentistry
Neon for our church signs, sodium to salt our limes

And on and on it goes, a chorus of geometry
Electrically resonating till they hit stability
And when the sun is done, it supernovas to infinite
And the mass that it made up, recongeals itself to make up me

We are Starseeds! In a brilliant design
Our evolution continues with the expansion of our minds
Itty bitty egos, islands in time
Learning to love, till one day we unify

And find that we are made up of light
The human sons the the divine
My perspective is the infinite I (eye)
And the reality is, that I don’t know how to die
When I appreciate the moon, then it’s mine

So contemplate this story I’ve told, and know
No man is an island, we’re a part of the fold
The great mystery, pressed in a mold
And alchemy was never just a way to make gold

In the beginning was the word, the word became flesh
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, given life through the breath
Able to choose while there’s life in our chest
To love and be grateful, till our physical death

And who knows, this message may unburden our souls
To lose our egos and unfold with the whole

To bloom, one with Jehovah, A human supernova
In an enlightened world is our goal/gold
Track Name: Wordplay (Acrodamus Track)
Words are simply syllables, meant to make sense
Interpretations confound, confusing us hence
Though letters abound, like the quick brown fox
Jumps over the lazy dog, de-tail gets caught in de-fence

Because we’re sentenced and bound, to the past and future tense
Unless our senses astound us in momentary depty

Reality, why do words distort thee
Turning what we touch and feel
Into Pun-ography

Spoken in honesty, interpreted ridiculously
Twisted in our ear drums, screw drives our reality

See… Quicksand sucks you down slowly homie
And when I tried to grab the fog, I mist
And if you missed the metaphor for societal sacred silence
Scrye the low clouds till you get a gist

Just don’t rag on any chicks, I’m serious
PMS jokes are wrong… Period

I’m in the back of the car, rolling quick on the tar
I’m a dyslexic man, getting drunk in a bra

And if horrific is so horrible Terrific must be worse
At time I think, these words are cursed
Rags to riches, my lips are pursed
Can’t touch the mist, it’s still dispersed

I overlook reality and oversee my plans
I overlook divinity and only see demands
God only laughs when I tell them my plans
Because beings beyond bodies never rule with iron hands

But that’s my two cents, plus a penny for your thoughts
God’s in threes is what gets taught
But God is one too, and two’s a duel
So four’s for us, numerology is cool

But I’d rather just stay with this word game on stage
Let’s call it, a word play
Where I’m up all night wondering where’s the sun
When it dawns on me, and life is fun

And everything changes, seasons turn
And you might get fired by Mr. Burns
Without twists and turns, we would never see the swirls
Pretty curls at the very epicenter of our world

D-N-A A-N-D serpentine geometry
Sing this to a Jesus freak, they might freak
Which is fine, cuz they is what they be

And I am what I am, so nothing is enough
Hearts entwined by the power of love
And love is just a word, don’t even get me started
.... for real!

If progress is the opposite of congress, politics are pro con
Presidents offending from the office
Setting precedents for us, but it’s possibly just
A metaphor for the way our minds control us

And minds use words, words are the whips
Directing the herd, away from the bliss
So if you heard, learn to listen, sit in silence, seek the bliss
Until positioned in a state of peace

When thoughts, and words, and minds, align
We find divinity’s in reach
Track Name: Wu (Mr. Malone Track)
I stand on the earth, feet, rooted like a pine tree
Still and centered, feeling time slow down around me
Mind in heaven, the kingdom inside,
And like a fiber optic cable I’m translating cosmic light

And we move, in tune with the crew,
Arms rise, I drop, legs rooted and wide
And we’re fly, like birds, moving in unison
Natural forces spin, moving like we’re water and wind

So this ain’t just a practice, it’s a lifestyle
Taoist immortals dancing through life as we smile

And we play everyday moving Chi in this way
Bonghan ducts all lit up like a Christmas display

And like this, we’re in states of bliss
And when we battle, we wield the grand ultimate fist

If they move we move first and we don’t miss
You naughty ninjas just got dropped off of Santa’s list

Woo haaa, I got you all in check
Don’t bring a fight to the zoo or learn respect

Yang Lao shi’s not going to break your neck
But you will limp off with your body wrecked

So you would just be best to drop and play possum
When we single whip, and we’re looking awesome

And if you want to watch me Nae Nae… Stop!
But when we deep belly breathe we drop our chi like it’s hot

Drop it like it’s hot, drop our chi like it’s hot
Sinking while we strike with massive power in the drop

Legs so strong cuz our whole form is practically a squat
And we do the form, we rock it a lot

In the park after dark is our favorite spot
Or buzzing in the Winghouse parking lot

We do it fast, we do it slow, we do it so slow we do it like a tree might grow
We do it timed with our breath, to relieve stress
Then we do it again as a meridian stretch

With the ko-bai-kai, ko-bai-kai
Our fancy footwork is oh-so-fly
Spine like a pine and an Eagle Eye
Jeff’s Qi Gong peeps are like My-Oh-My

Wu Tai Chi, it’s a lifestyle
Learn the system and practice for a while
And you will see, your whole world change
When we integrate the truth, of these Wu ways X2

Wu means 5, there’s 5 meanings of wu
So there’s wu wu’s but they aren’t all woowoo

Wu 2 is a family name, they made the art small frame, and changed the game
Wu 3 intense martial ability, slowing down time while we wax that ass with energy
4&5 get a bit more esoteric, but they’re based on natural laws
Wuji is a space of silence and peace, and that silence is revealed while moving with ease

Finally full circle, coming back to our birth
Wu are the Shaman, the bridges between Heaven and Earth
We are healers here, blessing the world
And our herbal tonics keep our Chi condensed in a pearl

So when you see me in the park, playing Tai Chi
It ain’t a line-dance for nursing home residency
We’re seeking sacred silence, while moving with ease
While learning martial moves, to keep the peace

We’re in the footsteps of the sages, with our eyes on the horizon
In a metaphoric dance attaining elemental prizes
Inviting natural forces, to play inside
We’re dancing Taoist Immortals, in the garden of life

Wu Tai Chi, it’s a lifestyle
Learn the system and practice for a while
And you will see, your whole world change
When we integrate the truth, of these Wu ways X2
Track Name: Nano Salamander (Drumspyder Track)
If light behaves as particles, and light behaves as waves
It seems to be quite possible, that life could be the same
For life and light are prevalent in this earthly domain
And each and every particle’s the product of a wave

Light is a (p)particle, Light is a (w)wave
Life is made of particles, and life is made of waves
And from our fundamental view existance is the same
Everything vibrates with the way

In the Vedic Sutras, Shiva sleeps
No space, no time, Anhadi
Serene silence, subtle stillness, nothing to see
Till we glisten in existence, through shakti

And bang, the universe is started like that
All existence is exploding from a, point that
Could fit in a grain of sand, dance and expand

Then one day, the universes slowest single wave will change
Directions, coming back to it’s center eons later, and all will cease
Back into Shiva’s sleep

Now look at an atom, the proton is the big bang
Pulse of electrons as they operate is super small speedy imitations of this universal plan
And it’s all a dance

Cuz if light behaves as particles and light behaves as waves
Life is made of particles and life is made of waves
And from our fundamental view existence is the same
Everything vibrates with the way

Everything begins with love, from the dance of Shiva and Shakti, to our Mommy and Daddy
And life is conceived, from DNA, A long winding vibrating chain
Of holy tones and sound, passed down
Subtle cords ringin, holographic, holding the whole image of existence
Double helix spinning, back to the beginning, geometrically we were made in the image

And our cells divide and divide, on down the line, patterned by the intelligence of life
Vibration, elegant assimilation, then our spirit’s introduced to the equasion
And we grow and grow, till we reach a proper state of transformation
To be born, subject to the vibration of the circulation, of the constalations in the sky
Then we breathe and cry

If light behaves as particles, and light behaves as waves
It seems to be quite possible, that life could be the same
For life and light are prevalent in this earthly domain
And each and every particle’s the product of a wave

Light is a (p)particle, Light is a (w)wave
Life is made of particles, and life is made of waves
And from our fundamental view existance is the same
Everything vibrates with the way.

As above so below, you’re a microcosm
Neurons that explode, like the stars in pulsing patterns like the atoms
Emanating everything we know, endocrine chemistry is following in the flow

The 7 rays of light, are like the 7 chakras
The Earth is our mother, supportive, she’s got us
The sky is our father, creating in an instant
And we are the children, created in the image, and as I speak

These cymatic sound waves, rattle in your ear drums, the medicine ways
While we harmonize with wise light waves, we realize all life vibrates with the way

Our eyes see vibration, our thoughts are vibration, our ears hear the pattern of the word that brings creation
Our breath is a pulsation, out and in, and we are microcosms of the is
Our cells are our beings, our veins are the waters, our mind is the universe exploding beyond matter
Our souls were designed to touch the earth, our hearts were designed to realize what life is worth

We are the trees, We are the Oceans, We are a universe of atoms and explosions
We are set free through our chemistry, brought to our center through the way we breathe
We are vibrations, we are sound, the sacred word passed down, given shape by the ground
All is vibration, geometrically spinning and Child you were made in the image
Track Name: Determination (Momentology Track)
Walk outside feel the sunshine shine, a motivated life isn't just in our mind
mind me for a minute it is helpful at times, but heart rules mind
find direction and purpose in life

and find we might get synced with signs,
the universal presence existentially lighting our lives
Letting entities drop like flies
When my soul is sent to me truth rises over lies

But it’s easy to Jeopardize, givin in and livin these lazy lives
That demoralize our spirits and internalize
The consolation prize of comfort that is televised

When we’re in it for a minute wounds get aggregatized
Attracting flies, and forming ties that terrorize

Like living off of soda, sugar pies and fries
Clogging up our arteries until we die

And I, think this is suicide especially combined with a 9-5
Where for the bidding of the greedy, we monopolize our lives
We’re just living, to survive

So listen up, it will be clear when you hear it
This is the call of Great Spirit

So set yourself straight with your chosen fate
Jump when you hear it
These Angelic jets will help you go atmospheric

It’s not just esoteric it can be as real as breathing
Jive with the times, and roll with the seasons

Unfold with the flowers and the trees in the breeze
Be true to you, do you need a better reason

Musical Interlude

Each and every thing under the sun has a season
Let yourself be free, know that there’s a reason that you’re here
Insignificance is painful cuz our souls know no limitation
Then get stationed

In this physical plane with an earthly limitation
Nothing’s instantaneous, we have to be patient

Leading us to frustration, when we feel our face hit the pavement
Ego inflation, plus the stories that condition us
At the very center, is it safe to trust
And just, live out of love, or live out of fear
Can we live every moment, and love being here

Or are we always worried, emotions in a flurry,
of negativity getting buried, The lines are blurry

And our souls can get confused, not quite know just what to do

Everything’s fine, let your mind simplify and unwind
Meditate till you find the divine is inside
Knowing that, from this place you can move mountains
Sync’d with the Angels, spraying blessings like a fountain

And it’s true, they are always with you
Divine love sticking like glue, leading us into

A new blissfull state of being,
So don’t let the world get you beaten, find your freedom

By praying, believing and recieving
Sharing with the world and repeatin

People are teaming, with self distrust
And they need people like us to wake em up

And let em know,
About the sweet serendipity,
Crystal grid lines in the center of our minds, putting us in the right place
At the right time, to align with our soul’s design and the answer’s inside

So enjoy the ride, and let your belief be fortified
Until you find, the power pumps up from behind
Blasting us past every wall that we find

Blast out of time, feel every sign, let yourself fly through the mountains of your mind
And align with yourself in this moment in time
With the Angels at your back and your soul glowing bright

With the light that dwells, in each and every cell
Empowered letting life spring up like a well
Dancing like a gazelle at the ring of a bell
Livin in the place where the master’s dwell
Track Name: City of Light (Bright Light Social Hour Track)
We built this city, as a place to go, for the ones that know
About the earth that’s under toes and the light that’s in everything that grows

The undertows the divine life force in the wind that blows,
the gentle breeze, harshest snows, the clock that makes the seasons go

It’s in you, it designed your fingers and your toes
Do you suppose that by yourself, while in the womb you designed your nose

No, simply choose to know that light inside n’ you can’t help but grow
This is the life you chose, redirect yourself to go with the flow.

But for centuries, we’ve kept it undercover,
separated from that life force while we chose to kill our brothers

Instead of knowing ourselves as one, we walk without one another
And instead of being love, we manipulate our lovers

Love life, be the change you know is right, meditate at night
Till you find internal sight, then externalize that might
And fight, corruption and power, Kick that base from under the tower
Scour society, till evil has to hide and cower

It’s now or never, can’t you see that sun shining, it’s time to flower
Let’s join our roots in the earth and choose to view collective power
Cuz now our, season is changing
and the tide is high and it’s our time to fly, like Griffins swooping up in a pride in the sky

Grow your food, dude, then open source those growing plans
And when other people profit, they’ll respect you as the man

Respect fem-in-in-ity, there’s no yang without yin and no our without in
Don’t worry about sin

The truth is, you’ll love your neighbor when you truly love yourself
And be both blessing and blessed, what’s the need to know all the rest

The Bible is a manual of Jewish survival
And Jesus himself would shred it up if it made God’s children get killed by their Christian rivals

His words were, simply I am, Pure consciousness not a man
But the Church doesn’t teach meditation that’s how I know it’s a scam
So let’s overthrow those tables, and we’ll be able, to see it’s truth through metaphoric fables

While Islam holds on for the last Imam,
We wait for Armageddon while we sell more morons arms

That’s why we build this city as a refuge for the true,
Where kids don’t have to pay for school and if they want to build they can have the tools.

As humans, we’re absurdly blessed, and everything we imagine, we’re going to manifest
So don’t just pound your chest, let’s give thanks and be grateful
That we truly see a better way to live this life than hateful

And we have a plate full, we live in harsh times
Of earthquakes, mudslides, a lot of folks will probably die
But it’ll be fine, cuz tomorrow, the sun will still rise
And the moon still controls the tides, this life is just a ride

Sometimes it’s scary, or hairy, sometimes it wears me and occasionally tears me to shreds
But I won’t grow weary, so don’t mourn in the morning, just simply sit and be joyful
And take a little bit of time bare hands and feet in the soil and toil

Or else our plans will all be foiled and our city will return to dust
And we’ll go bust and have to serve the royals
Recoil from religious plans n’ political scams
That are meant to damn our society, they don’t want to see the best of me

They’d rather drown successes see, cuz they know
To overthrow dictatorship, inspirations a part of the recipe

So learn to see these bits of simple green technology
That can save our world so cleverly and allow them to live in the world carefree

But while we wait, this corporate state, will seal our fate
The ice is melting at an abysmal rate, it’s almost too late
Fresh water’s going down the pisser, when the world’s a desert
Then it will be, our earthly mother’s check mate

So come support, cuz this city’s more than just a place
For fun barefoot pagans to come and worship the sun
It’s a paradigm shift to lift the eyes of society
And heal the rift between us, and God’s greatest gift
Track Name: Noah Broe - 21st Century Superhuman
Why wait, change state, vibrate high- it’s the time
I choose to be a bright being, beyond my mind
I, emanate light, behind my eyes is a shine
Inside of me is a starseed, I am divine

My medications are mantras, my meditations get trippy
Taiji brings me balance, you’ll never catch me slipping
sipping superfood smoothies, my life of flow is so groovy
my kundalini is rising, feel like my life is a movie

Got love in my life, communities surrounding me,
Daily serendipities, angels flash me triple threes
& I am aware, I manifest reality
vibrating harmoniously with the higher beings

& superhuman states, they’re not just reserved for me
you can learn to live here too, so choose to be truly free
open up your heart and breathe, release karmic memory
So spirit can support, author a new destiny