Noah Broe - 21st Century Superhuman

from by Cosmic Mirror

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16 bars in Noah's beautiful song


Why wait, change state, vibrate high- it’s the time
I choose to be a bright being, beyond my mind
I, emanate light, behind my eyes is a shine
Inside of me is a starseed, I am divine

My medications are mantras, my meditations get trippy
Taiji brings me balance, you’ll never catch me slipping
sipping superfood smoothies, my life of flow is so groovy
my kundalini is rising, feel like my life is a movie

Got love in my life, communities surrounding me,
Daily serendipities, angels flash me triple threes
& I am aware, I manifest reality
vibrating harmoniously with the higher beings

& superhuman states, they’re not just reserved for me
you can learn to live here too, so choose to be truly free
open up your heart and breathe, release karmic memory
So spirit can support, author a new destiny


from Starseeds, released November 11, 2016
Noah Broe
John of Light, Naturescapes music




Cosmic Mirror Lake Worth, Florida

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