City of Light (Bright Light Social Hour Track)

from by Cosmic Mirror

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We're building a new world one mind at a time.


We built this city, as a place to go, for the ones that know
About the earth that’s under toes and the light that’s in everything that grows

The undertows the divine life force in the wind that blows,
the gentle breeze, harshest snows, the clock that makes the seasons go

It’s in you, it designed your fingers and your toes
Do you suppose that by yourself, while in the womb you designed your nose

No, simply choose to know that light inside n’ you can’t help but grow
This is the life you chose, redirect yourself to go with the flow.

But for centuries, we’ve kept it undercover,
separated from that life force while we chose to kill our brothers

Instead of knowing ourselves as one, we walk without one another
And instead of being love, we manipulate our lovers

Love life, be the change you know is right, meditate at night
Till you find internal sight, then externalize that might
And fight, corruption and power, Kick that base from under the tower
Scour society, till evil has to hide and cower

It’s now or never, can’t you see that sun shining, it’s time to flower
Let’s join our roots in the earth and choose to view collective power
Cuz now our, season is changing
and the tide is high and it’s our time to fly, like Griffins swooping up in a pride in the sky

Grow your food, dude, then open source those growing plans
And when other people profit, they’ll respect you as the man

Respect fem-in-in-ity, there’s no yang without yin and no our without in
Don’t worry about sin

The truth is, you’ll love your neighbor when you truly love yourself
And be both blessing and blessed, what’s the need to know all the rest

The Bible is a manual of Jewish survival
And Jesus himself would shred it up if it made God’s children get killed by their Christian rivals

His words were, simply I am, Pure consciousness not a man
But the Church doesn’t teach meditation that’s how I know it’s a scam
So let’s overthrow those tables, and we’ll be able, to see it’s truth through metaphoric fables

While Islam holds on for the last Imam,
We wait for Armageddon while we sell more morons arms

That’s why we build this city as a refuge for the true,
Where kids don’t have to pay for school and if they want to build they can have the tools.

As humans, we’re absurdly blessed, and everything we imagine, we’re going to manifest
So don’t just pound your chest, let’s give thanks and be grateful
That we truly see a better way to live this life than hateful

And we have a plate full, we live in harsh times
Of earthquakes, mudslides, a lot of folks will probably die
But it’ll be fine, cuz tomorrow, the sun will still rise
And the moon still controls the tides, this life is just a ride

Sometimes it’s scary, or hairy, sometimes it wears me and occasionally tears me to shreds
But I won’t grow weary, so don’t mourn in the morning, just simply sit and be joyful
And take a little bit of time bare hands and feet in the soil and toil

Or else our plans will all be foiled and our city will return to dust
And we’ll go bust and have to serve the royals
Recoil from religious plans n’ political scams
That are meant to damn our society, they don’t want to see the best of me

They’d rather drown successes see, cuz they know
To overthrow dictatorship, inspirations a part of the recipe

So learn to see these bits of simple green technology
That can save our world so cleverly and allow them to live in the world carefree

But while we wait, this corporate state, will seal our fate
The ice is melting at an abysmal rate, it’s almost too late
Fresh water’s going down the pisser, when the world’s a desert
Then it will be, our earthly mother’s check mate

So come support, cuz this city’s more than just a place
For fun barefoot pagans to come and worship the sun
It’s a paradigm shift to lift the eyes of society
And heal the rift between us, and God’s greatest gift


from Starseeds, released November 11, 2016




Cosmic Mirror Lake Worth, Florida

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