Determination (Momentology Track)

from by Cosmic Mirror

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Mystical Mindset Meets Masterful Momentology Music


Walk outside feel the sunshine shine, a motivated life isn't just in our mind
mind me for a minute it is helpful at times, but heart rules mind
find direction and purpose in life

and find we might get synced with signs,
the universal presence existentially lighting our lives
Letting entities drop like flies
When my soul is sent to me truth rises over lies

But it’s easy to Jeopardize, givin in and livin these lazy lives
That demoralize our spirits and internalize
The consolation prize of comfort that is televised

When we’re in it for a minute wounds get aggregatized
Attracting flies, and forming ties that terrorize

Like living off of soda, sugar pies and fries
Clogging up our arteries until we die

And I, think this is suicide especially combined with a 9-5
Where for the bidding of the greedy, we monopolize our lives
We’re just living, to survive

So listen up, it will be clear when you hear it
This is the call of Great Spirit

So set yourself straight with your chosen fate
Jump when you hear it
These Angelic jets will help you go atmospheric

It’s not just esoteric it can be as real as breathing
Jive with the times, and roll with the seasons

Unfold with the flowers and the trees in the breeze
Be true to you, do you need a better reason

Musical Interlude

Each and every thing under the sun has a season
Let yourself be free, know that there’s a reason that you’re here
Insignificance is painful cuz our souls know no limitation
Then get stationed

In this physical plane with an earthly limitation
Nothing’s instantaneous, we have to be patient

Leading us to frustration, when we feel our face hit the pavement
Ego inflation, plus the stories that condition us
At the very center, is it safe to trust
And just, live out of love, or live out of fear
Can we live every moment, and love being here

Or are we always worried, emotions in a flurry,
of negativity getting buried, The lines are blurry

And our souls can get confused, not quite know just what to do

Everything’s fine, let your mind simplify and unwind
Meditate till you find the divine is inside
Knowing that, from this place you can move mountains
Sync’d with the Angels, spraying blessings like a fountain

And it’s true, they are always with you
Divine love sticking like glue, leading us into

A new blissfull state of being,
So don’t let the world get you beaten, find your freedom

By praying, believing and recieving
Sharing with the world and repeatin

People are teaming, with self distrust
And they need people like us to wake em up

And let em know,
About the sweet serendipity,
Crystal grid lines in the center of our minds, putting us in the right place
At the right time, to align with our soul’s design and the answer’s inside

So enjoy the ride, and let your belief be fortified
Until you find, the power pumps up from behind
Blasting us past every wall that we find

Blast out of time, feel every sign, let yourself fly through the mountains of your mind
And align with yourself in this moment in time
With the Angels at your back and your soul glowing bright

With the light that dwells, in each and every cell
Empowered letting life spring up like a well
Dancing like a gazelle at the ring of a bell
Livin in the place where the master’s dwell


from Starseeds, released November 11, 2016




Cosmic Mirror Lake Worth, Florida

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