Medicinal Machinery (Momentology Track)

from by Cosmic Mirror

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In sacred celebration we create a hip hop opening to the 4 directions. We bring together head and heart, technology and ceremony and find that we are the ones we've been waiting for.


To the winds of the south, Great Sachamama,
Anaconda, let us shed our past like your skin
Sliding so softly upon Pachamama,
Allow us to let that beauty back in

To the winds of the west Mama Puma,
Teach us to live, impeccably… in peace
Protect our space and show us the way
Beyond death so we, can clearly see

To the winds of the north O’ Hummingbird
Ancestors, we’ve come to learn
So please come warm your hands by our fires
And whisper to the wind in your cosmic choir

To the winds of the east, Great Eagle Condor
Join us from the place of the rising sun
So we can achieve anything we dream
Knowing our place as great spirits Godson

Mother Earth, Father Sun,
Grandmother Moon, Starry Ones
O’ Mystery, we pray to you,
To thank you in gratitude

There are prophecies, for our preservation
That those will rise, from every nation
With Wisdom, Strength, Inspiration and Love
For all of our relations

For the Stone People, Plant People
Those outdoors, on all fours
The two legged and the little bugs
The finned, the furred and the winged onezzzz

So let’s pray we, will one day see
The fulfillment of the Eagle Condor prophecy

Mixin indigenous wisdom with technology
And bringin in a new, eon of peace

Where we believe, because we feel and see
These energies, so we will know they’re real

Where heart, intuitive and mystical
Mixes with our brains, logical and rational

Passionately actual, mixing yang and yin
Bringing balance between feminine and masculine

And it’s like, a cultural cure to end war
Heal the sick, and feed the poor

So banish the word struggle, this is sacred celebration
When our heads and hearts are in the right relation
And the eagle, and the condor can soar
For we are the ones we’ve been waiting for

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,
Which is why we’ve come to live our lives on the floor
Of the Earth under Heaven, We’ve been there before
But our being’s bound by bodies, gravity won’t let us soar

Until we go within, slipping in that hidden door
To the subtle sensations, energetic resinations
Of our practices, of our Yoga Asanas
Of our Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Inner smile meditations

Breath brings elation while inside lies liberation
So we learn from each other, synergistic integration
We’re here to heal the healers and inspire the nation
Medicinal Machinery to clean our inner scenery

Chlorophyl to fill the fauna, purified by breath until
The flora in our souls uncurl, sweet scents into the world
So in sacred celebration, we choose to soar
for we are the ones we’ve been waiting for


from Starseeds, released November 11, 2016




Cosmic Mirror Lake Worth, Florida

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