Starseeds (Momentology Track)

from by Cosmic Mirror

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An alchemical journey through our origin story.


Our lives can be defined, by the way we make our choices
The thoughts we give attention, manifest through our voices
Resonant sounds, vibrating out through our mouths
Become the way that we show up on the ground

The way that we act, becomes the way that we are
Shaping the destiny, we each have written in the stars
So multiply your chart by your heart and we can see
A recipe for destiny where we each have our part

My will is free, when I say me, I mean
I’m a simple particle, divided by infinity, the whole is written on each piece
We are Starseeds, the same make up that makes up me
Is written in the heavens, my being is divinity

It’s alchemy, follow me, from macro to micro, this is conscious evolution in a cycle
Hydrogen starts simple, itty bitty gravitational fields
Connecting with each other till their pull becomes real

Space dust floating freely
Connecting with each other seems appealing
Gravitation growing greatly now congealing
And expanding into nebula,
Enormous star spitting gaseous masses made by miniscule molecules
Ain’t it cool

Then the process begins, fuzing in forming helium
Light and heat’s released, Energy, now it’s called a sun
Revolving through time, elements deep inside
Evolving in complexity, one at a time

True story dude, this ain’t no simple little fable
My history begins with the periodic table
Hydrogen then helium, lithium, beryllium
Boron, carbon in all life, nitrogen for us to fly
Oxygen for us to breathe, fluorine for our dentistry
Neon for our church signs, sodium to salt our limes

And on and on it goes, a chorus of geometry
Electrically resonating till they hit stability
And when the sun is done, it supernovas to infinite
And the mass that it made up, recongeals itself to make up me

We are Starseeds! In a brilliant design
Our evolution continues with the expansion of our minds
Itty bitty egos, islands in time
Learning to love, till one day we unify

And find that we are made up of light
The human sons the the divine
My perspective is the infinite I (eye)
And the reality is, that I don’t know how to die
When I appreciate the moon, then it’s mine

So contemplate this story I’ve told, and know
No man is an island, we’re a part of the fold
The great mystery, pressed in a mold
And alchemy was never just a way to make gold

In the beginning was the word, the word became flesh
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, given life through the breath
Able to choose while there’s life in our chest
To love and be grateful, till our physical death

And who knows, this message may unburden our souls
To lose our egos and unfold with the whole

To bloom, one with Jehovah, A human supernova
In an enlightened world is our goal/gold


from Starseeds, released November 11, 2016




Cosmic Mirror Lake Worth, Florida

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