Wu (Mr. Malone Track)

from by Cosmic Mirror

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A fun track filled with inside jokes dedicated to my practice of Wu Style Tai Chi


I stand on the earth, feet, rooted like a pine tree
Still and centered, feeling time slow down around me
Mind in heaven, the kingdom inside,
And like a fiber optic cable I’m translating cosmic light

And we move, in tune with the crew,
Arms rise, I drop, legs rooted and wide
And we’re fly, like birds, moving in unison
Natural forces spin, moving like we’re water and wind

So this ain’t just a practice, it’s a lifestyle
Taoist immortals dancing through life as we smile

And we play everyday moving Chi in this way
Bonghan ducts all lit up like a Christmas display

And like this, we’re in states of bliss
And when we battle, we wield the grand ultimate fist

If they move we move first and we don’t miss
You naughty ninjas just got dropped off of Santa’s list

Woo haaa, I got you all in check
Don’t bring a fight to the zoo or learn respect

Yang Lao shi’s not going to break your neck
But you will limp off with your body wrecked

So you would just be best to drop and play possum
When we single whip, and we’re looking awesome

And if you want to watch me Nae Nae… Stop!
But when we deep belly breathe we drop our chi like it’s hot

Drop it like it’s hot, drop our chi like it’s hot
Sinking while we strike with massive power in the drop

Legs so strong cuz our whole form is practically a squat
And we do the form, we rock it a lot

In the park after dark is our favorite spot
Or buzzing in the Winghouse parking lot

We do it fast, we do it slow, we do it so slow we do it like a tree might grow
We do it timed with our breath, to relieve stress
Then we do it again as a meridian stretch

With the ko-bai-kai, ko-bai-kai
Our fancy footwork is oh-so-fly
Spine like a pine and an Eagle Eye
Jeff’s Qi Gong peeps are like My-Oh-My

Wu Tai Chi, it’s a lifestyle
Learn the system and practice for a while
And you will see, your whole world change
When we integrate the truth, of these Wu ways X2

Wu means 5, there’s 5 meanings of wu
So there’s wu wu’s but they aren’t all woowoo

Wu 2 is a family name, they made the art small frame, and changed the game
Wu 3 intense martial ability, slowing down time while we wax that ass with energy
4&5 get a bit more esoteric, but they’re based on natural laws
Wuji is a space of silence and peace, and that silence is revealed while moving with ease

Finally full circle, coming back to our birth
Wu are the Shaman, the bridges between Heaven and Earth
We are healers here, blessing the world
And our herbal tonics keep our Chi condensed in a pearl

So when you see me in the park, playing Tai Chi
It ain’t a line-dance for nursing home residency
We’re seeking sacred silence, while moving with ease
While learning martial moves, to keep the peace

We’re in the footsteps of the sages, with our eyes on the horizon
In a metaphoric dance attaining elemental prizes
Inviting natural forces, to play inside
We’re dancing Taoist Immortals, in the garden of life

Wu Tai Chi, it’s a lifestyle
Learn the system and practice for a while
And you will see, your whole world change
When we integrate the truth, of these Wu ways X2





Cosmic Mirror Lake Worth, Florida

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